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Our Services

Upward Web Agency offers various services, such as website and landing page design, plus SEO, utilizing leading-edge technology to produce custom, search engine optimization-optimized websites for businesses.


Web Design

We create websites for small to medium-sized businesses in Utah, and other cities around the United States. These websites are quick, responsive, and effective.


Landing Page Design

Are you looking for a simple landing page to drive traffic to? A landing page may be all you need. You don’t always need a full-functioning website.


Website Optimization

Perhaps you’re experiencing a slow website, or your website has broken code and is glitching. Maybe your website works on one device, but not the other?

Our Project Process

Our project process is what we follow each time we create a website. Learn below what we do to build our websites.

#1. Client Meeting

We meet with the client to learn about the specifications of the project and create a project scope. From here, we establish an understanding of everything involved in the project including a contract, design brief, project assets, timeline, contact information, and more.

#2. Research

Thereafter, we jump into market research to figure out the best options for your project. This includes everything from studying recent trends, competitor analysis, to other related topics. This research step will give you the edge in comparison to simply just creating a website with no research behind it.

#3. Wireframe

Once we have established what we are looking to build based on our client meeting and market research, we jump into the wireframe phase. Here is where we discover how we want to build out your project. We take into consideration mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

#4. Build

Lastly, we are ready to build out your website. This is the phase where everything comes to life. It’s the most exciting part! Once we have finished building out your project, we go to a QA round to ensure everything works.


We Design for Mobile Devices, too

In today’s increasingly digital world, businesses must have an optimized mobile presence in order to remain competitive. A website on a mobile device allows businesses to capitalize on the increasing ubiquity of smartphones and tablets, allowing customers to access the business from anywhere.

Additionally, having a mobile-friendly website can increase user engagement with the content by providing users with a platform that is specifically tailored for their device.

Kickstart Your Project with Us!

We feel that a website is likely to be your first introduction to a prospective customer. It’s essential that your website makes a positive first impression, that your site’s structure is great, content is organized properly, and that you’ve displayed a positive message about your business.

The Internet can be a terrifying and befuddling place, and people often turn to businesses like Upward Web Agency for help in propelling their online business goals forward.

Driven by six key factors

  1. Client success
  2. Positive end-user experience
  3. Website speed
  4. Responsive web design
  5. Get on Google – SEO
  6. Look professional online

We Believe We Can Make a Difference for You.

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