About Upward Web Agency

We encourage you to scroll through this page to learn more about Upward Web Agency, its mission, founding story, and our project process flow.

Our Mission

Our mission statement is simple. We exist to help businesses grow their online presence.

Our Project Process Flow

Learn about Upward’s project process flow and why it’s so important in the design of a successful website.

#1 Client Meeting

We meet with the client to learn about the specifications of the project and create a project scope. From here, we establish an understanding of everything involved in the project including a contract, design brief, project assets, timeline, contact information, and more.

#2 Research

Thereafter, we jump into market research to figure out the best options for your project. This includes everything from studying recent trends, competitor analysis, to other related topics. This research step will give you the edge in comparison to simply just creating a website with no research behind it.

#3 Wireframe

Once we have established what we are looking to build based on our client meeting and market research, we jump into the wireframe phase. Here is where we discover how we want to build out your project. We take into consideration mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

#4 Build

Lastly, we are ready to build out your website. This is the phase where everything comes to life. It’s the most exciting part! Once we have finished building out your project, we go to a QA round to ensure everything works.

Learn Tips & Tricks About the Industry

Learn things about color theory, image file weight, and more, and why they are so important when building out a website.


History & Founding Story

Upward Web Agency was started in 2022, but there’s a long history before the start of Upward. Back in 2015, Jared Reed started a small web design business, J Reed Web Design. They serviced small businesses with basic web design needs; nothing fancy, just simple websites. A few years passed, and J Reed Web Design became Moderyn.

Moderyn found a focused niche in lead generation websites for martial arts schools. This was aimed at helping martial arts schools drive leads to their website, and helping website visitors convert into martial arts students. This lasted a few years, and most recently, we’ve put together our knowledge of web design, SEO, driving traffic to your website through PPC ad campaigns, and much more to restructure the business to what is now known as Upward Web Agency. Upward Web Agency focuses on websites for small businesses in Utah looking to grow their online presence. We provide services such as web design, landing page design, ecommerce website design, and website optimization. We’re here to help you succeed online.

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