The Difference Between a Domain Name and Hosting

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If you’re not as informed about the difference between a domain name and hosting is, you’re not alone. To many, creating a website is a scary concept. You could equate it to someone who doesn’t understand vehicle mechanics and therefore you take it to a mechanic to be fixed. It’s helpful to understand the difference between a domain name and hosting.

What is a Domain Name?

Simply explained, a domain name is, which you would input into the browser. A domain name can take many forms:


And of course, there are the .co, .us, .net, .org, however, those are often used for other reasons which can be explained at another time. The nice part about modern browsers such as Google Chrome, is that it does not matter what you enter before the .com, it will take you to the existing live domain name. A domain name is a path taken to get you to a website, such as the maps you follow to get to your destination.

What is Hosting?

Hosting (or Website Hosting), is the technology that brings your website to be viewable on the internet. You need a website host to put the content you created on the internet. You can think of this as the construction workers creating your home, while the domain name is the drawing of the building the architect created. You could drive to the destination, however, if the construction workers have not built the home, there’s nothing there to be viewed.

There are many types of website hosts out there to help bring your website to life. Upward Web Agency offers website hosting with benefits such as security, updates, speed, a free SSL certificate (https), and many more perks!


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How Do the Two Relate to Each Other?

You need to have a domain name for someone to enter on the internet to recognize as a plot of land to go to, and you need a host for your website to be viewable on the internet. You can have a domain name, but if you don’t have a host, your website will not be viewable and will not contain any content. You can have a host, but if you don’t have a domain name, your website can’t be viewable because no one will be able to access it without a domain name.

Common Questions About Domain Names and Hosting

  • How much is a domain name? They can range anywhere from $12 to thousands of dollars. Most common domain names range from about $12 to $15 dollars.
  • If I remove my website host, will the content on my website still be there? Yes, your content will not be removed. You could theoretically transfer your domain to a new host and your website will reappear. 
  • Can my domain name expire? Yes, it can. You can purchase ownership of your domain name for a minimum of one year for the price of the domain name. You can of course purchase it for more years too. 
  • What happens if my domain name expires? Can I get it back? Well, you can get your domain name back if someone else has not already purchased it.
  • When I am looking for a host, what should I be aware of? You should be aware of introductory pricing and the actual amount you will be charged once your introductory pricing has expired. You should also be aware of how the hosting company nickels and dimes you for little things such as an SSL certificate, backups, security features, etc. Upward Web Agency offers a great hosting package with your website that’s all-inclusive and does not nickel and dime you.

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